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Greetings from the Academy

Located in the heart of Birmingham, UK, Redstone Academy is a coed residential school. In 2004, we began providing a full educational experience for children aged 11 to 16, beginning with the Quran, Sunnah, and the understanding of the companions.

At Redstone Academy, we strive to create a welcoming and stimulating Islamic community that encourages students to reach their full potential in the classroom. Our school is a small, supportive community where the children’s happiness and development are paramount, and we encourage them to strive for greatness within this environment. Our extensive co-curricular offerings reflect the cultural and ethnic variety of our student group and supplement their academic aspirations. With Allah’s help, our grads maintain a track record of scholastic excellence and spread virtuous moral and ethical principles across their communities.

Our Value

Established in the heart of bustling Birmingham, the Redstone Academy is an inclusive Islamic secondary school in Birmingham for both boys Academy and girls Academy. We are dedicated to instilling in young people a set of core values that are consistent with Islam and are grounded in the teachings of the Quran, the Sunnah, and the companions.

Our goal is to teach pupils to be honest for the sake of Allah, to respect others, to take responsibility, and to have bravery. By giving them the tools they need to succeed, we can guarantee that our graduates will be the brightest and finest in Birmingham.

The Redstone Academy places a premium on unity and the free flow of information between staff, students, and their families. Visit us in Birmingham, West Midlands, and go on a spiritual and intellectual quest where Islamic values and cutting-edge learning combine in perfect harmony. We have the power to mold people into productive citizens who will improve their homes, neighborhoods, and the globe.


Best Islamic School Birmingham

Redstone Academy Will Help You Realise Your Full Potential

Find a Proven Method that Works

Franchise or not, the Redstone Academy education model has stood the test of time. We provide Islamic teaching with the foundation for success thanks to our extensive background in early childhood education. Joining our academy will save you significant amounts of time and effort that would have been spent on your children’s educational strategy and infrastructure.

Global Cooperation

We care deeply about your achievement at Redstone Academy. Our best Islamic primary schools in Birmingham get comprehensive support, including initial and continuing training, teaching, and operating guidance. With this extensive backup, you can get off to a fast start and avoid many unnecessary setbacks.

Leverage the Influence of a Well-Recognized Name

In the field of preschool education, Redstone Academy stands as a leading brand. You’ll be in a far stronger position to win over Islamic educational criteria and grow your children with the backing of our well-known name. Come along, and together we can make the future better.

What Makes Us the Islamic School Birmingham

Equality Of Opportunity

Redstone Academy is dedicated to creating an inclusive and equitable community. Our Equality Policy guides us as we work to eliminate discrimination and promote equal opportunity. We champion fairness, diversity, and mutual respect among our directors, staff, and students. We are resolute in eradicating discrimination based on age, disability, gender, race, religion, and more. We ensure equal access to educational and employment opportunities for all. We combat prejudice, boost self-esteem, and foster respect in our school community. Offensive comments and behaviors have no place at Redstone Academy. We’re committed to providing a safe, inclusive environment where every individual is valued for their uniqueness.

Fair and World Class Entry Policy

Redstone Academy’s examination system ensures fairness and transparency. Students wishing to take their GCSE exams in the summer must submit an Examination Entry Form and required fees by a specified deadline. Timely compliance is crucial to secure exam entry. We determine fees based on the number of exams taken, distinct from school fees. Qualifications are listed in our prospectus, with syllabus changes to be reported in the academic year’s first two weeks. Subject selection involves collaboration between Section Leaders and Subject Teachers. We empower candidates to achieve external qualifications based on performance. Our qualifications, primarily IGCSE, are decided by our leadership. Administering exams beyond school hours is at the Headteacher’s discretion, with potential costs for parents/carers. Our commitment is to provide equal opportunities for academic success. That makes us the best Islamic girl school in Birmingham and also the best Islamic boys school in Birmingham.

We Cherish Extra Curricular Activities

Our students’ spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development is our priority at Redstone Academy. We understand that extracurricular activities and events build self-confidence and interpersonal skills important for personal and professional success. These activities help kids learn more, connect with their community, and understand others’ needs. Archery, Public Speaking, Art & Design, Sports, Gardening, Food Technology, Martial Arts, and Fitness are among our extracurriculars. We prioritize diversity and include our student council and parents in choosing student-friendly events while keeping expenses low. Redstone Academy strives to provide a well-rounded education outside the classroom.

Inclusion of Modern Technology

At Redstone Academy, we prioritize the responsible and beneficial use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Our students have access to a wide range of ICT facilities and resources, promoting enhanced learning experiences. Our dedicated ICT Support team ensures the upkeep of these facilities, assists users, and safeguards against misuse. However, it’s crucial for every student to act responsibly and avoid misuse of our resources. We provide laptops, mobile devices, and computing facilities for students, alongside specific Computing lessons. Internet access is managed, with monitoring systems maintaining records and blocking inappropriate content. We also emphasize E-Safety, with measures in place to protect students online and promote responsible ICT use. Our focus is on fostering a secure and enriching digital environment.

Special Support for Learning Difficulties And Disabilities 

At Redstone Academy, we are dedicated to supporting students with learning difficulties and disabilities. Parents seeking assistance for conditions like dyslexia or dyspraxia can connect with our Learning Support Coordinator by contacting the school office or via email. For more complex issues, our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) is available for discussions. We encourage parents to share specialist educational advice, as it helps us tailor our support. This input enables us to create Individual Support Plans (ISPs) and set specific targets to address individual needs. We also offer support to students with Education, Health, and Care Plans and provide emotional and medical guidance. Access arrangements for exams are available when necessary, and always subject to assessment and evaluation. Our commitment is to provide a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for all students.

Work For Us

Join our staff to collaborate with and contribute to a modern and one of the best Islamic Schools in Birmingham for children.



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