What Our Students Have To Say About Redstone…

During Term 2 at Redstone Academy, we conducted a school-wide anonymous survey asking our pupils what they really think about our school and asked them to give us some of their own written feedback. Here are some of their comments…

When the pupils were asked if the school leaders were doing a good job here is what some of them had to say…


“They help you achieve you want they arrange fun and good trips for us they try their best to make the school welcoming and try their best to make you happy at school and enjoy it”.

“Yes they respect everyone and listen to every one”. 

“They keep us safe”.

“They keep telling you to prepare yourself”.

“Because they are helping us prepare for the future”.

“The Headteacher always looks out for those who are good, so that he can reward them. However at the same time, he looks out for those who are disrupting others, while they are doing their work”.

“Because they are helping us get ready for the future”.

“Because they take account of peoples views listen to people advise you and tell you what to do and what not to do”.

“Because they treat people from other backgrounds as the same as people from the other background”.

“Because they are making the school a better place”.

“Because they tell me, and teach me to become a good person, and to focus on education and religion”.

“Yes it is a good school because they want to keep the school in order so people when they visit us like Ofsted they can see what a brilliant school this is”.

“Because the headteacher tries to listen to what all pupils want in school”.

“The school can be improved by quite a lot but at least they are trying”.

“They are very good because they check on you regularly even if you are OK, especially Ustaadh Shazaad”.

“They try their best to improve the school, so we can learn and enjoy it. They take feedback from the students so if there’s an issue they will try solve it at the best of their ability”.

“They are preparing us for our future”.

“The head has given us chances to go on trips and has tried his best to take on our views”.

“They are doing a great job sorting out trips and helping students to behave”.

“He takes account of our issues and tries his best for the benefit and to help the school have a better environment i.e behavior”.

“They motivate me everyday and advise me on what I could do better”.


More reasons to send your children to Redstone Academy. They will prosper and thrive (inshaa Allaah).

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