Key Stage 3 Pupils at Drayton Manor Park 2018

We always make sure our pupils get the opportunity to enjoy themselves, whether it be in the classroom or outside. Part of growing up is to be in social gatherings with your colleagues and friends outside of the work or academic environment. Redstone went to Drayton Manor Park, had fun… Continue reading

BBC: “How parents’ arguments really affect their children”

It is normal for parents to argue, but the way these disagreements affect children varies greatly. What can parents and carers do to limit the harm caused by their rows? What happens at home really does affect children’s long-term mental health and development. But it is not only the relationship… Continue reading

Here’s why you really should enrol your child with Redstone this month for the next academic year 2018

Closing date for the final round of applications for Redstone will be on 30th April 2018 (inshaa’-Allah). Please do not miss out on this opportunity. Come and visit us, and see for yourselves. Cultivate your children in an Islamic environment, but prepare them for life in Britain. We teach young… Continue reading

Exam results 2015 to 2017

IGCSE/GCSE Public Examination Results – Summer 2017 88% Subject Pass Rate (A*-C) 100% IGCSE English Language Pass Rate (A*-C) 100% IGCSE Maths Pass Rate (A*-C) IGCSE/GCSE Public Examination Results – Summer 2016 91% Subject Pass Rate (A*-C) 90% IGCSE English Language Pass Rate (A*-C) 89% IGCSE Mathematics Pass Rate (A*-C)… Continue reading

Volunteers and helpers needed for Redstone activities | Excellent opportunity

Volunteer and make a difference! To volunteer is an act of charity, for which Allah rewards a person. A man asked the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him): “Which charity brings the greatest reward?” He replied: “That you give in charity when you are healthy, feeling miserly, whilst you… Continue reading

Term Dates 2017 – 2018

Key Date Event Autumn Term 05/09/2017 Year 7 Welcome Day (11.30am start)   06/09/2017 – 13/10/2017 Term Autumn 1 23/10/2017 – 27/10/2017 Half Term Break 30/10/2017 – 22/12/2017 Term Autumn 2 25/12/2017 – 05/01/2018 End of Term Break Spring Term 09/01/2018 – 16/02/2018 Term Spring 1 19/02/2018 – 23/02/2018 Half… Continue reading

Tutorials and Tutors

Tutorials On arrival to Redstone, each class is assigned a tutor. The tutor’s principal official function is to assist the academy in monitoring academic performance. In practice, they are perhaps better seen as another adult figure to whom pupils can relate at a more personal level than is possible in… Continue reading

School Assemblies

As our pupils mature so it is considered appropriate for them to be able to learn from a variety of religious-based assemblies. This process begins in year 7, where a proportion of their weekday lessons will have a general moral, ethical, or spiritual content. Continue reading

School Trips and Excursions 2018

School Trips and Excursions Umrah Trip with Premier Hajj – February 22nd – March 8th 2018 Drayton Manor  –   19th February 2018 Kingswood Application Form  –  11th February 2018 Please follow us on our twitter feeds regarding school trips. Continue reading