Redstone Community Eid Event for the whole family: Sunday 17th June 2018

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Sisters’ Auction Charity Event is Back! A Great Day Out | Eat, Drink, and be Charitable | Sunday 6th May

Sisters’ Auction Charity Event is back! Invitation to all sisters to attend and enjoy a charitable day supporting our school. We need items to auction, so read carefully the poster, and help in whichever way you can! You know it’s a good and noble cause — May Allah reward you! Continue reading

A Car Boot Sale in the Community – With donations going to Redstone!

Car Boot Sale: Sunday 22nd April 2018: Wright Street, Mosque Carpark. Come and sell your household items: make some quick money, and help the community! Registration forms available from: The Bookstore, 472 Coventry Rd. Small Heath. Tel. 07796616711 Awzan or tel. 07738659145 Alim Or print off the registration form below… Continue reading

Redstone needs your help to cultivate and educate

Redstone Academy needs your help to cultivate and educate the next generation. We need to raise whatever we can with a target of £50K. We are asking for donations and are organising fundraising events. Do what you can and cooperate with us in this noble endeavour. Here’s how: Continue reading

New Fitness Class For Women Only 2018 Every Thursday | Come Along And Get Fit!

NEW FITNESS class for WOMEN only — At Redstone Academy with an experienced female instructor every Thursday. No equipment needed, just a towel, water, appropriate clothing, and a will to be fitter and healthier. Call or text 07486459831 (Ladies only please!) Continue reading

5 practical tips for revising over the Easter holidays, from a former Harrow headmaster

Barnaby Lenon, who was headmaster of the elite private school Harrow, advises students put in seven hours revision a day over the Easter holidays. Here are his five top tips for Easter revision in full. 1. Before you start, make sure your notes are complete. “First you need to ensure… Continue reading

Don’t “just Google it” | Research Myth 12: “We Don’t Need To Teach Facts”

Is it a myth that teachers do not need to teach knowledge anymore? Knowledge is dead, long live Google. Myth? We can all rely on knowledge being ‘out there’ because all we have to do is ‘Google it’. We therefore don’t need to teach knowledge, instead teach children how to learn and… Continue reading

The more involved parents are in their child’s education, the better the pupil performs at school.

It’s widely recognised that the more involved parents are in their child’s education, the better the pupil performs at school. Over the years, many papers have been written about the way a child’s classroom performance and academic achievements are significantly influenced by the extent to which its parents become involved… Continue reading

School attendance and your legal responsibilities and tips on how to help prevent truancy | BBC article

What the law says about attendance As a parent, you’re legally responsible for making sure your child attends school regularly unless you’re home-educating. Missing school causes severe disruption to a child’s education and affects their performance in exams and chances later in life. The law is tough if it’s decided that you allowed your… Continue reading

“Warning that a shortage of religious education teachers could contribute to religious stereotyping and discrimination, leaving pupils at risk of becoming ignorant, or bigoted.” BBC article

“Where do morals come from? What is the difference between Jesus in the Bible and in other scriptures?” These are just some of the questions the Religious Education Council of England and Wales (REC) says that secondary school pupils grapple with on a regular basis. But the REC is warning… Continue reading